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about whamcat

the early years ·

whamcat started in 1988, the year i moved to berkeley, california. it started out as a bbs hosted with second sight software, on an apple lisa under the pseudonym of 'the outback'. this lasted for a short while. at the time, there was a rash of elitist bbs's in that time that had a sort of zork adventure game feel to it. you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. the outback' continued with that tradition. a blazingly high speed dialup of 1200 baud insured that any users were able to send snippy messages to a wide variety of bulletin boards around the site and with a no ratio limit upload download area and a huge 10m drive, users were able to trade porn with impunity. it's very dark, you're likly to be eaten by a grue.

the formative years ·

in 1991 whamcat began to grow up. after moving from berkeley to lafayette, whamcat was graced with a 2400 baud modem. at that same time, the bbs was dissolved and the 19.95$ a month static ip netcom mystery began. this was a time of slow growth for the internet and isp's were still figuring out how to go about making people pay for things. sometime in 1991, i got hooked into netcom with there relatively cheap rates and local dial up number and the simple fact, you dialed into a unix account. this was the first exposure whamcat had to a real operating system. very quickly whamcat was molded into giving some, if limited, internet abilities before the bbs was dissolved. the netcom mystery is simply to have a static ip, netcom had to dedicate a modem to my dialup. ok, fine, it was supposed to up my bill to 50$ a month. next month came and went, 19.95$. never did they get the billing caught up. i consider myself and whamcat lucky.

the linux years ·

late in 1993, i was watching a stir about a new unix called linux. i didn't think too much of it at the time because i was a macintosh user primarily. whamcat ran on a old se and my desktop was a upgraded macintosh ii. then i tried to find a solution for having more then one computer online the internet at once. after struggling with installing minix onto an old mac ii, i was told to use linux and it's capability for doing something called masquerading. after begging a older computer from a close friend who felt pity on me for only having macs, whamcat went online 24/7 with a 14.4k modem and one of the very first distributions of slackware. this is about also the time i discovered domain names and had mine,, registered.

the first failure ·

1995 was a year of innovation. static IP, live webcam of some finches. lo, finchnet was born. still the single most visited item on whamcat, finchnet lived to a fine ripe age of 2.5 years. the simple, i had some society finches living in a very large cage. they bred, they ate, they flew around and generally were fun. i put a webcam on them so i could peek from work, poof, FinchVision™. this was cool and allot of people thought it was cool too. until one day in 1997, i received an email from some random person who was polite yet very to the point. "your finch, i think, is dead." hop on the webcam and check it out, lo and behold orage, my old venerable (6 year old) finch was floating in the water dish. how sad. this was a severe blow to the online finch cam. especially since i couldn't take the cam down for 6 hours. strangely reminiscent of stile project stunts. odd.

things happen ·

things really started to happen in 1999, whamcat got a massive upgrade in hardware, storage space operating system, security and network pipe. good old whamcat had become a source of reliance to several friends who are now leaders in industry, which ever industry they chose to go into. with these people came demands for more space and more availability. of course, myself, wanted more bandwidth so i could do things. what things i have no idea but i do know that these "things" require bandwidth. T1's are cool.

hosting things and stuff ·

the next couple years, 2000, 2001, brought in responsibility to whamcat. now that server is actually hosting things other then random email and ftp access to one or two people. today no less then 14 websites are hosted on this little server with misbegotten beginnings. good things are bound to result and develop. just watch and see.

today ·

due to lack of funding, whamcat continues to wham cats. everything is well and keen. hard drives whir lights blink and on occasion a klaxon is sounded at the approach of a script-kiddie klingon. since i have nothing keen and witty to say, not to say anything said here is keen and witty, i will end this monologue with a simple reminder; no matter where you go, there is a whamcat.

different backgrounds ·

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